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Renting an apartment via us is safe as:

  • We have a written agreement between us and the landlord and all payments are made as wire transfers.
  • When making a binding rental agreement, the tenant gets a written confirmation and a receipt for both the commission paid to us and the rent guarantee received by us on behalf of the landlord.
  • Monthly rental payments are paid monthly in advance as wire transfers directly to the landlord’s account.

Renting via us works as follows:

  1. When you’ve found an apartment you want to rent, you make a preliminary reservation in our web system. If you want to, you can also send us an email to
  2. We check the availability of the apartment for the desired time with the owner.
  3. You get a confirmation from us via email. In the confirmation, the most important aspects of the rental agreement are listed (object, time, price). You confirm the rental by paying a rent guarantee to our client fund account and our commission 550€ (includes VAT) to our company’s bank account. The said payments together constitute signing a rental agreement and once the money has arrived in our accounts, this is binding for both the landlord and the tenant. The paper version of the rental agreement is signed either as a scanned copy before you arrive or physically within a few days after your arrival.
  4. Our commission includes transportation from the airport to your apartment. The driver will meet you at the airport in the arrivals hall and takes you to your apartment. The driver will give you the keys to your apartment or we will be meet you at the apartment and give you the keys. In case you get the keys from the driver, we will come and meet you later at an agreed upon time.
  5. We are the contact person between the landlord and the tenant during the rental period.
  6. We will meet you in your apartment before your departure to check that everything is okay in the apartment. After the rental agreement has ended, the landlord will check the apartment to ensure that it is in the same condition that it was when you entered it, after which he will return the rent guarantee to your bank account within 10 days after termination of the rental agreement.

Please note that a binding rental agreement for a fixed-duration rental cannot be cancelled unilaterally and that you are committed to paying the agreed rent for the full duration of the rental period. We kindly ask you to contact us immediately in case of for example illness preventing travel. In this case we will contact your landlord who ultimately is the one who decides upon your rental. If the landlord grants us permission, we will try to find a replacing tenant. If a replacing tenant is found, you will not need to pay the rent for the time that the replacing tenant pays for. In case there is a replacing tenant for the whole duration of your rent, the landlord will return the rent guarantee paid by you already upon receiving the rent guarantee from the replacing tenant. Our commission will not be returned to you, but you may able to claim compensation from your travel insurance.


Buying an apartment via us is secure and easy as we work together with a local lawyer who specializes in real estate legislation, and thus all required paper work is handled by us.

On top of the purchase price, the buyer pays notary and registration fees. As a rule of thumb one can use 10% as the total fees paid on top of the purchase price.

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Ref. 3016, Playa Del Ingles
1500 €, Playa Del Ingles

Modernly furnished and equipped two bedroom bungalow in Playa del Ingles. Big and sunny own yard. Many swimming pools in the area.