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Renting via us is safe:

  • We are a registered company and have written agreements with the landlords we represent. All payments are done via wire transfer.
  • The tenant receives a written confirmation of the fixed term lease with all main terms of the agreement and receipts of the related payments.
  • The monthly rent is paid directly to the landlord’s bank account.

Confirmation of rent:

  • When you’ve found an apartment you want to rent, make a preliminary reservation in our web system. Alternatively, you can also contact us by email
  • We check with the landlord that the apartment is available the time you want to rent it, and the other rental terms.
  • If you want to rent the apartment with the forementioned agreed upon rental conditions, we will send you a confirmation email with the most important terms of the lease, i.e. start and end dates for the lease, number of tenants, monthly rent and the termination terms of the agreement.
  • You confirm the rental of the apartment in accordance with the conditions stated in the rental confirmation by paying the accompanying fees, i.e. the rent guarantee to the landlord and our commission (in case of a renewal of a previous rental, normally it’s agreed that no separate guarantee is paid, instead the guarantee that the landlord already has is used as the guarantee for the new rental as well). After this, the agreement is binding for both the tenant and the landlord according to the pre-agreed terms even if an agreement on paper is usually signed only after your arrival, on site in the apartment you have rented for practical reasons.
  • Our commission is 550 Euro, including VAT.
  • The rent guarantee paid to the landlord is usually equal to one month’s rent and is paid into our client funds account from which we immediately resend it to the landlord. In connection with this, the landlord also receives a written confirmation of the rent with the agreed upon terms.

Practical things related to the rent:

One month before the start of the rental agreement, you will receive an email from us to remind you of the rental agreement and provide you with the landlord's account information for rent payment.

We ask you to please tell us your arrival time when you know it as our service includes free transport from the airport to your apartment. The driver will wait for you at the airport and give you a set of keys to the apartment. You will receive a second set of keys from us when we meet in the apartment at an agreed time.

We act as a contact person between tenant and landlord regarding the lease and the apartment during the term of the lease.

When you know the time of your departure from the apartment, we ask you to please tell us as we will meet you in the apartment at an agreed time before you leave it. After your departure, no later than the end of the lease, the landlord checks that the apartment has been returned in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the lease, after which he returns the paid rental guarantee by bank transfer to you no later than 10 days after the lease ends.


Buying / selling an apartment through us is safe and easy. We work with local lawyers who specialize in property purchases and take care of all the necessary paperwork around the purchase.

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One bedroom apartment in San Agustin.