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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

The website and its sub-pages are owned by Lexico Asesores S.L. Access to the public web pages is unrestricted and the pages contain offers of properties for rent and sale in Gran Canaria as well as other information regarding the island of Gran Canaria, and the services offered by Lexico Asesores S.L.

Services provided by Lexico Asesores S.L.

Lexico Asesores S.L. provides the following services via this website and other means:

  1. listing properties for rent and sale on the behalf of the owners of said properties;
  2. acts as an intermediary agent between property owners and buyers/tenants. This includes among other things finding tenants for properties for rent, preparing contracts between the parties and handling payments between the parties, acting as the contact person between land lords and tenants etc;
  3. helping land lords and tenants with arranging transportation and other needs related to renting and/or buying and selling properties in Gran Canaria.

By registering in the website and/or by using the property services provided by Lexico Asesores S.L., the clients acknowledge that they accept these terms and the privacy policy below.

Tenants and landlords who have been introduced to each other by Lexico Asesores S.L. agree not to circumvent Lexico S.L., directly or indirectly, for example by renting between each other directly without Lexico S.L. as the intermediary. This restriction is in effect during a period of three years after the termination date of the most recent rental agreement between the said parties. The sanction for breach of this clause is 3000 euros plus any damages caused to Lexico Asesores S.L. due the said breach.


All texts, images, videos, data and information contained in these web pages are under the Copyright of Lexico Asesores S.L. Unless having received prior written authorization from Lexico Asesores S.L., any reproduction, alteration, exploitation, or communication of the texts, images, videos, data and information contained in these pages is strictly prohibited.

Privacy Policy

In accordance with the provisions the Data Protection Law 15/1999, on the Protection of Personal Data, Lexico Asesores S.L. informs that personal data provided through the forms on this website, email, messaging applications or via phone calls are processed and collected in a database for the purpose to serve as information support to the administrative and commercial management of the company.

The user of this service bears responsibility that the information and personal data provided are accurate and truthful.

For the purposes of article 21 of Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society, the user gives his consent to Lexico Asesores S.L. for sending information that Lexico Asesores S.L. considers of interest to the user about services and real estate products offered by the company, through e-mail, telephone, or mail. The user can ask for termination of such communications at any time.

Lexico Asesores S.L. uses personal information when needed in rental agreements, other than this Lexico Asesores S.L. will not share the clients’ information with third parties, except when legally required to do so by authorities.

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by contacting Lexico Asesores S.L via:

  1. logging into the clients only restricted part of the web site with your personal user credentials
  2. e-mail to
  3. Post to the address: Lexico Asesores S.L., Calle Brasil 20, 35005 Las Palmas de G.C., Gran Canaria, Spain.

Lexico Asesores S.L reserves the right to modify this policy to adapt it to legislative developments as well as relevant changes in industry practices. In this case, Lexico Asesores S.L. will publish such changes without delay on its web site

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